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Seo analysis

A full SEO analysis is your best bet for identifying any issues holding your site back in the SERPs. At WhaleShark SEO, this is the first step taken when faced with a new project. In the times we live in, you need a healthy online presence if your business is to succeed. There are so many factors to an online business and the industry changes so often, that if you fail to stay on top of it all, you will be losing potential customers to your competitors.

SEO analysis are recommended at least once a month or once every 2 months, depending on the size of the website and the niche.

The analysis we provide our clients are:

Clear and easy to understand. We understand a lot of business owners are not completely familiar with SEO terminology, so it wouldn’t be fair to deliver a report with a bunch of gibberish.

You will receive an analysis where we back up our findings with data, evidence, and reliable sources.

Each issue detected and areas that need improvement will come with an explanation of why and how they are negatively affecting your site and how they can benefit your business. This, so you are kept in the loop and understand what we are doing, we will also provide recommendations on how to address said issues.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO Analysis Includes

Full Technical site audit (Analysis of ALL aspects mentioned here).

  • Having a well-structured website free of technical issues will not only help with your rankings, it will also make sure your users are met with a positive site navigation experience. Very important as well, you avoid giving your business an unprofessional look.

Focus keywords and usage.

  • Are the right keywords being targeted? Are these keywords being implemented correctly? This part of the analysis checks keyword usage on the page text, the headings, titles, descriptions, image ALT text, etc.

Check for Search Engine Penalty.

  • This is in the case that the problem is big, then we must start asking ourselves if the site was possibly penalized. If this is the case, we work to get the penalty lifted.

Backlink Audit.

  • Backlinks are one of the top 2 ranking factors but if we’re not careful, this could be the cause of a Penguin penalty. We check for problematic backlinks, make an attempt at the removal of toxic links, and take care of your Disavow File management.

User Experience Analysis.

  • This checks for any technical or site design issues which may lead to your users abandoning the site.

Social Media Activity.

  • Social Media, although not a direct ranking factor is extremely important for an online business. This part of the analysis checks for a healthy social media activity and user engagement.

Content Analysis.

  • We don’t only look for duplicate content, you need content that your readers find useful and informative. Well written, engaging content that is long enough but sticks to the point.


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