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Copywriting & Content Creation

Here at WhaleShark SEO we understand there’s a difference between copywriting and content creation, or content marketing. More importantly however, we understand the results these can have when they join forces!

Copywriting is focused on delivering a clear call to action and helping the reader understand why he/she needs to act. The goal is to achieve a business objective such as a sale or subscribing to your email list.

Content marketing focuses on creating unique and engaging SEO-optimized content to rank a site as high as possible in search engines for the targeted keywords.

Some copywriters don’t like their work getting confused with content marketing, they say the latter is SEO-focused, all about keywords. We believe you cannot do one without the other, well you can, but it’s likely your piece will not be reaching its full potential.

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Copywriting & Content you may need.

Blog Content

A blog on your site can help in increasing return visitors, if done right of course. It’s also a great way to keep your website updated, search engines love a site that is updated frequently. There’s no point though, in having a blog with thin content that nobody will read, let alone share; Let our experts help you out with that.

Website Content

Content is one of the top two ranking signals among Google’s 200+ ranking factors. This is not an area on your website to save a buck! If you’re struggling in the SERPs, your content could easily be the one to blame for this. We analyze whole websites for thin content, low quality content, keyword cannibalization, duplicate content, and more.


Words which are straight to the point of the value you offer your users in a way that speaks to them and their needs. Ads, landing page content, email blast, video, etc., I’m sure we can be of help.

Social media

Like it or not, the importance of social media for online businesses is huge. But you need creative text delivered to your followers for your social media strategy to be successful. Give them eye-catching, insightful, funny content and your followers will not be able to hold themselves back from sharing it.

Product/Service Descriptions

Having the wrong descriptions for your products and/or services can be the difference in whether your site visitors click the ‘add to cart’ button, or shy away from your site completely.

These are some of the areas where we shine when it comes to content that makes a difference. We frown upon anyone who delivers keyword-stuffed articles, thin content, or low quality content.

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