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In order to help you grow your business, let us identify the areas where your business needs us most. All businesses are different, websites are different, demands are different, so why apply the same method to every project? We believe each project has unique requirements, therefore a personalized plan is the best approach. Our team of experts can advise you in in the following areas (among others):


Technical SEO

Sometimes, the only thing holding you back is a technical issue hidden somewhere in the depths of the SEO ocean, preventing search engines from properly rendering your pages. Issues related to indexing, crawling, redirects, robots.txt, a piece of code, etc. Let’s fix that!

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User Experience

It is important to have your website well optimized for search engines, but perhaps more important than that is to have it well optimized for your users. They will be the ones to make the final call on whether they stay on your site or go to your competitors. Let’s see where we can help you improve this aspect.


Keyword Research

If your business is to be successful, there must be a proper keyword strategy in place. All of the most important factors that lead to a business succeeding online need a well executed keyword strategy. Technical SEO, URLs, the site’s content, backlinks, and so on, they all have to do with keywords. But are you overusing them?

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Social Media

So Google says social media is not a ranking factor. OK… we’re still not going to ignore it. A study showed that 80% of marketers claimed social media helped increase traffic. Your users are there so you better be as well. One of the easiest ways to increase brand recognition, interact with your users, and share your content.


Unique Optimized Content

As of late, you might have heard a lot of experts going around saying “Content is King!”… They’re experts for a reason you know. It’s not just writing an article, it is delivering a solution and response to the user while properly optimizing it for search engines.



Have you done a backlink audit of your site lately? Are you in bad company? Perhaps it is the contrary and you do not have enough quality backlinks… As one of the top two ranking factors, this is one you cannot ignore. Let us take a look.

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