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When you work with WhaleShark SEO you are teaming up with human beings who take pride in their work. Real people who care and are not just out to make a buck anyway they can. Whether we are providing our SEO services to you or you’re a partner business, you can rest assured you are working with people with the best of intentions in mind. We are a small, family-owned agency with expertise and knowledge to be reckoned with.



Old Books Knowledge

With many years’ experience in the online marketing industry, we know the ins and outs of it. We know the old-school tactics as well as new developments and the latest algorithm updates. Strategically, we can use both old-school and new-school to get the best of both worlds. This allows us to stay on top of our game and deliver awesome results, and guess who benefits from that? You guessed it! Our deep technical SEO knowledge ensures our clients are getting top of the line service without over the top prices. But it’s not only deep technical knowledge, it is also expert content, keyword usage, user-experience, and more. Now those are some deliverables you want applied to your website!



Honesty - Honest Businessman

These sections are in no particular order, or else this one here, honesty, would make a case for the top of the page. As mentioned above, we are regular people, we have been employees of other SEO agencies in the past. Not only heard of, but now we got to see first-hand some of the things being done out there; and I’m not talking only specifically about the SEO industry here. From acquiring clients with fake promises, to charging clients for work not actually being carried out, and even charging clients for ‘additional software usage’ wrongfully. WhaleShark SEO prides itself in being an honest company. I guess we’re a bit old-fashioned and still believe doing what’s right is more important than a piece of currency. To put it simply, we’re the no bullsh!t type of people!



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And we don’t take kindly to failing at WhaleShark SEO. That old saying is true, “Your Success Is Our Success”, so let’s not beat around the bush, we’re in business. We want your business, we know what we can do and we really want your business to succeed. If this is the case, then you’re happy and that means we’re happy. We’re not the type of company that looks for continuous clientele, they come, they leave, and another will come. We know the negative effects your business can suffer by going from one agency to the next over and over. We thrive for what works, long-term mutually respectful relationships with everybody’s sight on the same goal.

So let’s chat about how we can help you!